Using native species, Restoration Landscaping creates lush environments that use minimal water.

Cities and suburbs today - which represent more than half the land in the lower 48 states - are largely inhabited by a small number of invasive plant and insect species. Using native plants, we design & build ecosystems that support diverse wildlife, including birds, bees and butterflies, while creating useful and beautiful spaces.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the diversity, health, and beauty of our urban and suburban ecosystems by transforming them into biologically functional spaces that are aesthetically stunning. Our scientific approach and focus on naturally drought-resistant plants allows us to reduce water use and eliminate the need for fertilizers or pesticides, while dramatically increasing biodiversity. 

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Serving the Sacramento and Bay Areas.

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Because of the drought facing California, rebates may be available in your area. Our map tool can help you learn more. A heads-up: the rebate programs run out of money quickly, so be sure to call your water provider soon to get the application process started - all the contact information is on the map.