Restoration Landscaping Company seeks to transform cities into healthy, natural ecosystems by restoring urban and suburban yards.

Our approach is a hybrid of ecological restoration, plant-insect ecology and modern landscape design. Whether you are working with a small urban yard or rural acreage, we can build a beautiful, dynamic palette of colors and support beneficial wildlife.

Restoration Landscaping Co. founder Billy Krimmel. Billy recently completed his PhD in Ecology at U.C. Davis, focusing his research on plant-insect interactions.


We are a full-service design/build landscaping company serving the greater Sacramento and Bay areas.

We also offer a la carte services, including:

We are excited to speak to homeowners, property managers and landscape professionals about how we can help create beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes that support the ecological health of our neighborhoods!

If you are looking for a more meaningful experience in your yard, let's talk about how Restoration Landscaping can help!