Restoration Landscaping Company seeks to transform cities into healthy, natural ecosystems by restoring urban and suburban yards.

Our approach is a hybrid of ecological restoration, plant-insect ecology and modern landscape design. Whether you are working with a small urban yard or rural acreage, we can build a beautiful, dynamic palette of colors and support beneficial wildlife.

Some features of our designs include:

  • Rainwater bioswales and rain gardens to let rainwater recharge the soil and aquifers while preventing water mixing with oils and trash and flowing into the Delta

  • Integrative pest management for edibles through planting of select native plants nearby that attract and support native predatory insects. These predatory insects then feed on vegetable pests, providing natural pest control.

  • Plants and other design elements that support pollinators and birds

  • High design

  • Creating native hedgerows of shrubs to provide privacy from neighbors

  • We do not use landscape fabric (AKA weed barrier, filter fabric) in planted areas. Landscape fabric can prevent some weeds from growing but is no match for more pervasive weeds like bermuda grass and nutsedge. More importantly, landscape fabric prevents insects and other wildlife from accessing the soil, meaning native bees are unable to nest and many caterpillars are unable to metamorphose into beautiful butterflies.

  • We see our gardens as little patches of beautiful habitat, for humans and wildlife. As we build more we can create resilient metapopulations within cities.