Restoration Landscaping Company seeks to transform cities into healthy, natural ecosystems by restoring urban yards.

We are transforming cities from their current state – dominated by just a few species of non-native plants and insects – to healthy, natural ecosystems by creating a patchwork of biological hotspots through landscaping. Our approach is a hybrid of ecological restoration, plant-insect ecology and modern landscape design.

California is facing a serious drought, a collapse in pollinator populations, and rampant overuse of dangerous pesticides. Our approach can help to address all of these challenges, while enhancing the beauty of urban landscapes.

Restoration Landscaping Co. founder Billy Krimmel. Billy recently completed his PhD in Ecology at U.C. Davis, focusing his research on plant-insect interactions.

The conventional approach to replacing lawns, and native landscaping in general, is to suppress all plants by covering the ground with plastic, burying the plastic in mulch, then adding a few plants. While this reduces water use, it does very little to provide habitat to the insects and birds we want in our neighborhoods; ecologically it’s not very different from concrete. Our approach is cost-competitive, provides a beautiful, dynamic pallet of colors and supports natural wildlife.

We are a full-service design/build landscaping company serving the greater Sacramento and Bay areas.

We also offer a la carte services, including:

We are excited to speak to homeowners, property managers and landscape professionals about how we can help create beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes that support the ecological health of our neighborhoods!

If you are looking for a more meaningful experience in your yard, let's talk about how Restoration Landscaping can help!