Restoration Landscaping Company seeks to transform cities into healthy, natural ecosystems by restoring urban and suburban yards.


Our approach is a hybrid of ecological restoration, plant-insect ecology and modern landscape design. Whether you are working with a small urban yard or rural acreage, we can build a beautiful, dynamic palette of colors and support beneficial wildlife.

Some features of our designs include:

  • Rainwater bioswales and rain gardens to let rainwater recharge the soil and aquifers while preventing water mixing with oils and trash and flowing into the Delta

  • Integrative pest management for edibles through planting of select native plants nearby that attract and support native predatory insects. These predatory insects then feed on vegetable pests, providing natural pest control.

  • Plants and other design elements that support pollinators and birds

  • High design

  • Creating native hedgerows of shrubs to provide privacy from neighbors

  • We do not use landscape fabric (AKA weed barrier, filter fabric) in planted areas. Landscape fabric can prevent some weeds from growing but is no match for more pervasive weeds like bermuda grass and nutsedge. More importantly, landscape fabric prevents insects and other wildlife from accessing the soil, meaning native bees are unable to nest and many caterpillars are unable to metamorphose into beautiful butterflies.

  • We see our gardens as little patches of beautiful habitat, for humans and wildlife. As we build more we can create resilient metapopulations within cities.

Our Team



Billy completed his PhD in Ecology at U.C. Davis where he focused his research on native plant-insect interactions. Billy also holds a Bachelor of Science from Brown University and serves on the board of directors for the California Native Grasslands Association.

Billy founded Restoration Landscaping Company with the intention of creating habitat for native species within human-occupied areas and engaging people with the species interactions occurring in these habitats. With each project we come one step closer to creating a network of habitat gardens and migration corridors to support resilient populations of native species.

Billy is still active in the research community, writing peer-reviewed journal articles on native plants and insects and a quarterly column in the peer-reviewed journal Grasslands. Check out his publications on the Community page.


Kate Hayes is a Registered Landscape Architect and Design Lead at Restoration Landscape Company. Prior to joining RLC, Kate worked at SCAPE Landscape Architecture PLLC in New York where she designed resilient urban and residential scale projects.

Kate’s process-oriented design work draws on her interdisciplinary science background, integrating an inherent understanding of ecology and a multi-scaled systems approach. She is energized by working with clients and communities to realize a collective design vision.

Kate holds a Master in Landscape Architecture from University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems from Stanford University.

Haven kiers,

Collaborator and consultant

Haven is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design in the Department of Human Ecology at UC Davis. She worked as design principal for RLC for three years before taking her new position.

Haven Kiers received her Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from UC Berkeley.


edy vasquez, lead crew

With more than three years of experience working for Restoration Landscaping Company, Edy is an expert at many elements of landscaping, including irrigation, planting, maintenance, pruning, lighting systems and paths. He is our fearless crew-lead who can recall virtually any detail from any project he’s been a part of.

Cele Estrada, crew

Cele is our resident expert mason and has more than a year of experience with RLC. He has experience building stone walls and flagstone paths and patios across the Sacramento region and Bay Area. He is a steadfast and diligent worker and approaches every project and task with a positive attitude and attention to detail.

Jose Lopez, crew

Jose has more than a year of experience working with RLC. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, an experienced driver of large trucks and trailers, expert at material procurement and is well-versed in many elements of landscape construction.

Juan Domínguez, Crew

Our newest crew member, Juan has a long history of experience working in agriculture and construction. He is diligent and has been quickly learning the nuances of irrigation, drainage and masonry.


Liz received her Bachelors of Science in agriculture from UC Davis where she also worked at the Student Farm and with various ecological restoration projects. Liz’s professional background is in agricultural education, farming, and food access.



Restoration Landscaping Company is a proud supporter of the Xerces Society and the California Native Grasslands Association


If you are looking for a more meaningful experience in your yard, let's talk about how Restoration Landscaping can help!